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Microscopic analysis the alive drop of blood

The blood is a mirror of the organism

The investigation of an alive drop of blood presents a mirror of the organism, it could offer very importants informations not only for current condition of our health, but also for probables risks which could threat us in the future, if our homeostasis is rather destroyed. Keeping up the homeostasis is condition to preserve the health. The intensity of the visualization is more powerful than all kinds of convictions, that the changings are necessary. The picture’s transmission from microscope to the monitor gives you opportunity of watching the occurrences in your blood, you can see what is there inside of your blood vessels and how are happening metabolic’s changes of which we are not even aware.

Since your analysis in our center is done, you have possibility to get some advices about your nourishment, eventually using the dietary supplements, changing the life’s habits, with tendency to improve your destroyed health condition.

You will be convinced in the success of your treatment with the facts that you will feel healthy and much better and than ago, and with your new control microscopic analysis, you could compare the results with those at the beginning.